Friday, April 3, 2015

3 Ways to Style a Circle Skirt

Personally, I love this trend! This type of flowy and free skirt looks perfect on just about every body type, and it can come in tons of colors and patterns! I chose to style this plain black one for you all just to show how many different opportunities this skirt can have. It's definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Summer Casual

This first outfit is a little more casual. Summer clothes need to be airy and bouncy because they keep you cool and comfortable even in the heat. I chose to throw on a bright and floral cropped tank, then swooped on a light weight denim sleeveless shirt.


Business Chic

If you want more of a official and dressy vibe then this skirt can be paired with any sort of button down. For an even more put together look, try wearing a skirt made of a different fabric--cotton is often too chill for an office, but maybe you could rock something heavier like pleather.

Sassy Night

Next up, let's try something for that evening life! When I'm out with friends I want to look super flirty and fun. I chose to pair the circle shirt with a lose-fitting crop top. All of the layers bouncy around perfectly when you're getting your groove on on the dance floor.

Check out our video on youtube:

Which outfit is your favorite?


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