Monday, July 7, 2014

#ASKAmandaDare -- Swimsuit Confidence

How do I feel comfortable in that exposing bathing suit?

This is a question I get all of the time! Honest, if you find a suit that is fun and sexy, and one that flatters your body... then all you need is confidence! Rock that suit!!

Check out this video I linked below. I think my close friends know that I am obsessed with Bethenny Frankel. She is amazing and such a warrior for women (checkout her website for more: . This clip shows four different body types in four different swimsuit styles. See what one relates best to your body type and try that style on next time you are shopping! I bet you will surprise yourself and love the way it looks on you too!

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For me, I relate to the last two women the best. My tummy is what I am least comfortable with so I am a one piece swimsuit kind of girl! I love the last woman wearing black and lace. She says she is looking to wear it to Las Vegas on her anniversary, how cute! This sassy and sexy look is so perfect for VEGAS! I will definitely be looking out for a suit like this one for my future beach vacations!

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