Monday, July 21, 2014

#AskAmandaDare -- Wedding Advice

What was the best piece of wedding advice that changed my life?

I was working retail the month that I got married. While I was chatting with a customer about my wedding (and my nerves about the wedding) she told me a great piece of advice. She said that she received the advice from another stranger and wanted to pay it forward. She told me "during the reception, stop dancing, talking, drinking, or whatever you are doing and walk away from the dance floor." I was taken back by this and a little confused why I would want to step away from the party. She continued,  
"Take a few deep breaths as you walk away, then turn around slowly to have the entire party in view. Take a few moments to revel in the fact that everyone there loves you, your husband, and the love you share for one another. That it doesn't matter what happened earlier that day or if you didn't get the wedding you exactly dreamed of, but what matters is all the love in that room."

I have since shared this advice and have had girls return to shop that thanked me for the advice. I am not sure if I will be able to explain with words how warm my heart felt and how my worries washed away at the moment I took this advice, but I am so grateful to the woman that shared it with me. When I think of my wedding I think of so many memories but mostly I think of how much love filled the room for my husband and myself and I am truly humbled. After you take this moment grab your new husband for a big kiss and rejoin the festivities.

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