Thursday, July 10, 2014

#BreeBaresAll -- You Are So Beautiful

My first post is dedicated to all women and making them feel good about their bodies. As women we put so much pressure on each other to look a certain way. Different people feel you should look different ways. Some women think that we should look like the super skinny models on magazine covers, while others think that we should all be curvy and thick.

Personally, I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that no one else’s opinion (besides by doctor that is) should matter to me. I want ALL women to realize this. No man or women, no matter who they are, should ever make you feel bad about the way that you look. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, an amazing lady, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I suggest that we, as women, stop giving anyone consent to make us feel inferior.

Tall skinny women need to embrace their height and their modelesque beauty while still being themselves. Short curvy girls need to realize that they can be gorgeous and beautiful without being sexualized all the time. All the heights, shapes, and sizes in between are beautiful as well. I think that to accomplish this women need to give out compliments more freely (without expecting them in return) and learn to accept them without being suspicious. (I’m guilty of fishing for compliments and being suspicious when I get them!!)

I am actually 5’3 and wear a size 12/14. I could lose a little weight and be a little healthier, but I am happy with myself how I am. Being happy with how you look will take so much pressure off of your life. I’ve noticed that I eat better and have actually lost weight since I stopped stressing about my weight and how I look. Sure there are days where I just can’t find anything to fit right or I think I look, dare I say it, fat. Then I realize that no one is looking at my body or judging my body as harshly as I am.

So I challenge you ladies! Do not let others make you feel inferior because you are a little taller, a little shorter, skinner, or chunkier. I want everyone to work on how they give and take compliments. I also want to work on banning the word fat. (I want it to be a four letter word.) I also want everyone to realize how beautiful they are. Everyone deserves to be told that they are beautiful and I will be the one to say it. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!

This video is totally awesome and relates to how I feel about self image. I want you all to watch it and reflect on your own lives. Being beautiful is about thinking beautiful, loving yourself, and not taking any shit! Go rock your image girls!!

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