Thursday, July 31, 2014

#GIRLBOSS Book Review

#GIRLBOSS Author: Sophia Amoruso

After literally just finishing this book I cannot wait to write about it so everyone knows how #AMAZING I thought it was! I like to read business books so I came across this one on instagram and instantly knew by its classy, but edgy, author and the hot mama cover that it would be a #mustread.

I found it at my local Barnes & Noble and began reading it immediately in the car on the way home (I just had visions of me reading while driving which would be very unsafe--don't worry, my husband drove me home safely). I enjoy how the book begins with a spaced out timeline. The last two entries are what really draw in your attention to how much of a #badass Sophia is! The 2006 post is about needing health insurance which led to a dead end job checking IDs at a local school. It ends with Sophia opening an eBay store called Nasty Gal Vintage because she was "dicking around on the internet". Right below that there is a timeline post dated 2014 saying, "I am the CEO of a $100-million-plus business with a fifty-thousand-square-foot office in Los Angeles, a distribution and fulfillment center in Kentucky, and three hundred and fifty employees." I would say those are two starkly different events and gets you more excited to read her story of how she got there.

"I stopped feeling like I didn't belong anywhere, and realized that I actually belonged anywhere I wanted to be."
 —Sophia Amoruso

While Sophia had a speckled past (which we don't share--I have never even received a speeding ticket), she did not let that stop her. Which is another person proving that it does not matter where you come from, because if you have it in you to be a #GIRLBOSS it is possible for you to make your dreams come true. While Sophia and I share common dreams, each with our own distinctions, we also share a similar drive and hustle mentality. Hustle may be the most important word in my vocabulary. I keep seeing it used more and more in business which makes me incredibly happy that others share this indescribable need to be successful in our own way. I hope that everyone can find someone to look up to in the way that I admire her. I know that may seem cliche but it is completely true.

It doesn't matter in what field you are interested in going into--this book can help you in many areas. She discusses self-confidence, business principles, fashion, money, and becoming the true person that you are. I think that this book, while I feel did represent so many things that I talk about or believe in, it also helped me to feel more comfortable with all of those things. She has allowed me to feel free to write and express myself to a truer version of who I am or how I am in person compared to how I may come across while writing. Buckle up ladies because I am going to let it all hang out! Okay. . . so I may always be on a #tinysoapbox preaching how I feel and what I believe, but it will never be boring.

Anywho, since I have actually owned and operated a business before I understood a lot of the struggles that Sophia went through in the beginning. Now that she is a 100 million dollar plus company I cannot relate as much, but its only a matter of time. #Cantwait #needtolearnpatience I have more than once paid models by bribing them with food or product to help a sister out. My company also grew very quickly and out grew multiple spaces in a short amount of time. The major difference is that we each had it the manufacturing or lack their of our clothing. My store was an all handmade clothing boutique. I literally did everything from fashion design, accounting, legal, marketing, management, social media, and being a seamstress for each item. Looking back, sewing each and every product is the only part that I will not miss in the future. It was too much, and therefore, why I am here backing it up and refocusing myself into the #GIRLBOSS that Sophia would be proud of.

I really appreciated the insight of not only having a job but keeping it. I have been in leadership positions for just about everything that I have been involved in since middle school. Therefore, I have seen a lot of people interview really well and then not hold to their potential during the time with a company. I recently read a #quote that is applicable here, "To do any job well is noble." In chapter 8, Sophia discusses the four words that thou shalt never mutter (love the phrasing here). Can you guess what they are??? I have heard them all to often "That's not my job"....#Really?!? Something that is never taught to you in school or all too often not by your family either (obviously not in my case. . . I will get into my love for my parents and brothers later) is how to be self motivated. If you are not willing to do whatever is being asked of you that company will easily find someone who is willing. She touched my soul with this because so much of my previous experiences have been at work (just realized that I just past my 10 YEAR- that's a decade- anniversary of working). An amazing life lesson is to do something that humbles you and it truly shows character. #Keepthatinmind

In chapter 9, Sophia discusses how important social media and customer service are to the business. Customer service is so often done through social media now, but nothing beats a personal message or a phone call. If something is wrong it needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. But don't forget that customer service is just as important before, during, and after the order has been placed in an online store (and especially in an online store since you typically are not #facetoface with a customer). Responding to all comments and feedback and appreciating that your customer base is responsive enough to let you know what is going on are two very important parts of social media in business. I also loved the insight to dealing with an investor, because I also started my business with no money (#nodebt). In the future if I need investors I will definitely heed her advice. Basically, pick the right partner kids! #TRUTH

The last chapter is called Chances. The chances are next to none that this amount of success can happen to you. Sophia and I are on the same page that success doesn't just "happen" it is a lot of hard work and dedication. I don't believe that you just "catch" the #girlboss bug. You develop it over time with a lot of learning about yourself along the way. With the right positive mindset, hard work, and good decision making all of us can become a #GIRLBOSS.

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