Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How-To Tuesday -- Dying Fabrics

There are so many ways to re-purpose your clothing, and dying them fun new colors is my favorite!

Here are the basics!

I prefer to dye in my stainless steel sink as opposed to on the stove! Less to clean up and Stainless does not stain... go figure! Some other things you'll need are:
     - Your preferred dye
     - Hot water
     - Some salt (opt.)
     - Splash of vinegar (opt.)
     - The item you want to stain

1. I like to start off by boiling water in a large pot and then pouring it into your sink.

2. Add more hot water (as hot as it comes out of your tap) to fill the rest of your sink.

3. Add your colors and mix well.

4. I always add some salt and a splash of vinegar which will help seal the color into the fabric. Also, I would suggest to use a scrap piece of fabric as well! You don't want to ruin your project if you could have prevented it!

5. Add your fabric and mix every ten or so minutes until you get the color you want. If you are wanting a light color, stick around 'cause the color will finish rather quickly, but if you want something dark, you have time to get other things done while it soaks. Your time to dye is depending on your item and how dark you want it.

6. When you get the color you like, take it out, rinse it and pop it in the washer to get out the extra dye. After it dries you are done!

Good luck!

Ombre is also a cool option for clothing! I am planning on dying a lot of fabrics soon!  We will have tutorials later on this!

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