Monday, August 18, 2014

#ASKAmandaDare -- Mixing Prints

As you all know, I am the Print Queen. 
Many women think that it is difficult to mix prints, so let me share some advice.

1. Choose complimentary designs.
I think that the easiest way to mix prints is to choose complimentary designs on the fabrics. For example, flowers and polka dots both fit in a whimsical-with-a-splash-of-vintage category, so they would look good together.

2. Don't totally overwhelm yourself. 
If you choose two prints that have a big bold design on them it may be too much! Think about mixing a wider stripe with a smaller design of floral instead of two large geometric prints.

3. Also, think about color. 
If one print had a noticeable background color you may want to match it with another print with a design that uses that color for an accent.

I hope this helps you all experiment with your wardrobe. 
Changing the way you style something can open lots of different opportunities 
for a better bigger closet.

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