Monday, August 4, 2014

#ASKAmandaDare: Pop of Neon

How Can I Look Good In Neon? 

Add pops of neon in with a neutral palette. The most successful way to do this is to is with a mostly gray/tan outfit. This great sweater has neon piping! #obsessed  Another possibility is a gray skirt with a white top and neon yellow shoes like these ones that we found on pinterest.

Pop of Neon

A statement necklace with a BLAK dress can be a great date look! Or consider any casual outfit with a neon bag. Spicing your basic pieces up with bright and colorful accessories is perfect if you're scared of that pop of neon!


Obsessed with NEON and can't get enough?? Try a sheer top and wear a textured piece underneath to create tons of depth and interest to your look. All of us at TNB love, love, love the way this girl (above) is rocking out in her neon confidently.

I love to see different colors in neon, as well. There are more options than neon yellow and pink, even though they are the most popular. Consider wearing something a little less expected, neon green, red, or blue for example. Your manni/pedi can really stand out (like this one) if you choose neon nail polish!

Remember color is always in style. It is a great way to show your vibrant personality through your clothing. If you are feeling bright and colorful add a pop...or more of NEON!

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