Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#BreeBaresAll -- My Last "First Day" ......Hopefully

The first day of school is something that everyone gets nervous about, including teachers and parents.  As a college student, I find that I still get very nervous.  I'm wondering if I'm going to get up on time for my 8 am class.  I'm wondering if I'm going to know anyone in my classes.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to find my classes fairly easy.  And I'm also just a little bit sad, as I know other seniors on campus are.

I'm a fifth year senior, which is really not that big of a deal.  I know a lot of people that have had to do a fifth year.  I'm not ashamed of the fact that I couldn't get done in four years.  I changed my major a few times, so it really isn't that shocking.  The part that makes me sad is that some little part of me feels like I have let my family down.  Now I know that it isn't true.  I didn't let me family down.  They are very proud of me and the fact that I haven't given up.  I am very proud of me for not giving up.  I've had a rough couple years.  From having problems with classes and anxiety issues to my mom getting sick; I've had to deal with a lot.

I haven't let any of that stop me.  

I WON'T let any of that stop me.  

I will never be given anything that I can't handle.  

Every experience I have will always make me stronger, whether it is good or bad.  

As I go through my last first day I feel encouraged.  I woke up (on time) to a text from a new friend wishing me luck today.  I got my favorite coffee from Starbucks and now I am sitting here writing this post.  My last "first day" post.  The only thing that I found to be a little discouraging is that all of the friends that I had made in classes for my major are gone, except for a few.  This made me a little sad; at least now I have The New Blak girls around me as well.  I know that I'll be okay because all of my new professors seem really nice and are very encouraging so far.

So to all you fifth year seniors out there, that just did what they hope is there last first day, you'll make it.  This might be the roughest year of all, but all the years before this have prepared you in one way or another.

Good luck this year!! 
Study hard! 
But remember....Work Hard but Play Even Harder!!

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