Thursday, August 21, 2014

#BreeBaresAll -- Walk of Shame VS Stride of Pride

Okay everybody! This is for men and women alike. Urban Dictionary defines slut shaming as degrading a woman because she has sex a lot, likes sex, or is just rumored to have sex. This is horrible!! People do not need to be slut shaming anyone, be it a male or a female. The first, and most obvious, reason that this is ridiculous is that it is not YOUR body. You can make your own decisions when it comes to your body. As long as whoever you are slut shaming isn't sleeping with you or your significant other, it is none of your damn business. So many people want to act like they have never made a mistake in picking a sexual partner, but lets face it, almost everyone has.  There is that one guy (or three) from that party freshman year you wish you never made out with.  There could also be the one night stand from that crazy party this summer.  The point is, we have all made mistakes.

 The next thing I want to address when it comes to slut shaming is The Walk of Shame. Most everyone has had some version of this. (I've had to do my own walk of shame through my parents house at eight in the morning.) I want to get rid of The Walk of Shame and give it a name that screams 'Yeah I just got laid!! So what?!?!' I mean really? Since when is getting laid a bad thing? It isn't people!! So I suggest that we change the name to The Stride of Pride. Pride is the opposite of shame. It fits because we really have nothing to be ashamed of, whether we are walking home at eight in the morning or at noon. You just need to rock that hair, make-up, and outfit from the night before!! (Unless you are like me and steal some of your guys clothes.) Put your shoulders back, carry those heels, and walk with purpose!

 The last thing I want to address when it comes to slut shaming is the most important. It does not matter who thinks you are a slut and who doesn't. What does matter is that you are having safe and protected sex. In this day and age, having unprotected sex is sooooo ridiculously dangerous. At best, you might catch a disease with a cure or a baby. At worst, you could get HIV or another STD that does not have a cure. I also think that it is a bad idea to go home with someone you don't know.  You never know what is going to happen when you bring home a stranger.  They could be a rapist or worse.  So, slut or not, be safe.  And remember, ALWAYS trust your gut instinct. 

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