Monday, August 25, 2014

#DianeCan -- Ways to Wear Leggings

Just bought crazy new leggings? 

Feel uncomfortable showing off your butt? 

Don't know how to wear the new leggings you found in your fav store?

 Well here's the solution! 

If you just bought leggings or tight skinny jeans (jeggings) with a crazy print or a print you're too shy to try, then all you need to EASILY complete an outfit is an over-sized graphic tee and an accessory! 

The over-sized shirt will one- hide your booty, and two- cover any excess skin that's pushed out from those leggings! If your leggings are pretty wild and you're nervous to come off too strong, pick a regular/single-toned tee with a neutral color!  And according to your taste, grab either a gold or silver long necklace to bring the whole ensemble together!!!

#DianeCan and you can too!

1 comment:

  1. Your solutions are really great. Was looking for such ideas. Thanks for sharing them here. Planning to buy mesh leggings for my aerobic classes. My sister have recently purchased them and very happy with its comfort. She also recommended me to try leggings during yoga!