Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How- To Tuesday -- Fashion School

Interested in becoming a fashion design major? Where should you go to school?How -to decide?? How-To Tuesday answers that question with Diane's experience at Indiana University! Come to IU in Bloomington and hang out with The New Blak Girls!

In the midst of cornfields most people wouldn’t go searching for fashion design in the Midwest, but Indiana University has an amazing fashion design BA degree.  The degree is through the College of Arts & Sciences. The professors are amazing designers and have incredible backgrounds. 

One of the most influential professors basically recruited me to the program. I fell in love immediately. The studios are filled to the brim with sewing machines, sergers, dress forms of all sizes, original drafted patterns, and so much fabric.

The Fashion Design degree at IU is extremely time consuming, but filled with amazing experiences. I’ve learned to draft patterns for tops, pants, jackets, and skirts as well as sew from a pattern, draw and design functional outfits and collections, tailor, etc. All of the hard work from the student designers is collaborated in the Spring for a fashion show open to the public.

I love this school, and I know the rest of the girls on the The New Blak Team are a part of something so inspirational and amazing! I truly urge everyone who is looking into going to fashion school, or pursuing a career in this beautiful side of the world at all, then please consider Indiana University. You won't regret it!

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