Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#HowToTuesday --Feel Sexier

How To.... Feel Sexier!

Hey Newbies!!

Amanda Dare is here to help you feel sexier!
These are all tips and tricks that have helped me. Definitely try one or two at a time or you may spontaneously combust from all of you SEXINESS!

1.Sleep Naked 
Feel you skin again the sheets as you snuggle in to sleep or well get it on with the boo thang that is laying next to you! This is a great way to become more comfortable in your body! You wake up in the buff too so don't put on that robe so fast! Take time to just be with yourself naked. This is you so its about time you got used to it!

2. Flirt with Everyone
I mean this in a harmless way..don't overstep any boundaries with your friends boyfriends because I told you to flirt with everyone. It is simple... if you think something positive, then say it! Anything that I think that is nice about someone else I will tell them. This has greatly improved my mood and my realtionships with others. It will create a more positive environment for everyone to feel comfortable in. When you feel comfortable you can feel sexy too!

3. Invest In Your Appearance
This is the business deal part of feeling sexy... do you believe you are a good investment?? ABSOLUTELY!  I don't care if you have never thought about it like this before. This is the time to invest in bettering yourself. No matter what makes you feel better a haircut, manicure, eyebrow wax, new outfits, etc. Make sure you have a little in the budget on making yourself feel pampered and feminine! (for me it is my nails- a manicure/pedicure make me instantly feel sexier)

4. Read a Sexy Book
Have you seen the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey. Well I have.... Oh My God! It is soooooo...(drool)....... ummmm SEXY! Makes me want to read the book! I know, I know I am a little late getting on the 50 Shades of Grey Train. Don't worry about me! Just read it !

5.Wear Sexier Underwear EVERYDAY
Ohhhh and an equally sexy matching bra. This will ensure that you are always dressed to impress in any situation that might scandalously occur. You never see a romantic comedy where the sex scene comes up and the blushingly confident woman has on awful underwear. I know life isn't exactly like the movies but this is an easy adjustment to get a little closer.


6. Have a Good Support System 
Good friends and loved ones can make all the difference. If you are hanging out with someone that puts you down physically or emotionally then you DO NOT need to have that person in your life! If you express your feelings and nothing changes with that person. You may need to cut them out of your life. Hopefully then they will get the picture and change their behavior.

Well these are some of the steps that I have taken over the last year that have really helped me!

I hope you all feel more confident and sexy each and every day!

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