Monday, September 29, 2014

#AskAmandaDare -- Becoming Comfortable with Wearing Accessories

Q: Help! I need to figure out how to look good with my accessories!
A: A lot of my friends are not used to wearing as many accessories as I am. I have a lot of people compliment my outfit and then compliment individual accessories. When styling I am a major fan of accessories! A lot of girls ask me how did I start wearing accessories to eventually feel as comfortable as I do now. Most of the complaints that I hear are that they are heavy, move around too much, are too much to think about when getting ready. Well ladies here are my tips for getting used to accessories.

First of all, you have to be open to trying new things. Step out of the box!

Maybe start by wearing a necklace with a dress to dinner or a wedding. Somewhere that won't make you feel out of place wearing a necklace at the start.
Beginner Formal Necklaces

Then start once or twice a week wearing smaller accessories and get used to the act of putting them on as a finishing piece to your wardrobe.

Then I would slowly choose a heavier or bigger necklace to begin wearing. Necklace are easier to spot and therefore you will receive more compliments which will build your confidence.

After you feel comfortable and confident from all the compliments you have received, I would add an extra piece. Working retail I always need a watch. So I purchased a bigger gold watch that I can wear with almost anything. This is a good staple to have as part of your wardrobe.

Another easy add on is a stud earring. Consider a diamond or simple yet shiny piece which with bring more attention to your face as it catches the light.

Accessory Add-Ons

I also bring along my accessories in my purse. Most of us are carrying around massive bags anyway. Add in a smaller bag of good staples of jewelry. That way if you have forgotten them while you are out you can put them on anywhere. No joke, I was checking out at a store recently and as she rung up my purchase I put on a necklace and watch that I didn't have time to earlier in the day. I made a joke of it and the cashier told me that she loved the idea and was going to starting carrying extra pieces around with her as well. You never know when you may be inspiring a new idea for someone else.

I hope this helps all the ladies that want to dive a little deeper into the fashion world!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Same Outfit, Different Girl -- Plaid Shirt

Same Outfit, Different Girl 

The Plaid Shirt

A lot of people think that if a clothing item looks good on one body type then it cannot look good on another body type. Well we are here to prove that it is  not true.

Danyell is here sporting her favorite Plaid Shirt that she has had for years!
She chose to pair it with a simple pendant necklace and cut off shorts. 

Now to put the theory to the test! Will they both look good in this fabulous shirt?
We think so!

In the photo below we have Amanda showing off the same Plaid Shirt.
She decided a pair of dark denim and a tall boot were fer favs to add to the look.

Both girls styled this top how they might wear it in real life. The graphic tee is always a good addition to a plaid shirt. Just wear it open so you can still see the graphic underneath. 
See both ladies look great in the same top even though they have different body types!

More Same Outfit, Different Girl coming soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leggings: Pants or Not?

Alright so after having a conversation with one of my guy friends I am utterly stunned.  Apparently not all guys like yoga pants and leggings.  My friend actually said that when he sees a girl wearing yoga pants or leggings, he thinks they're just lazy.  I tried explaining to him that its really easy to just roll out of bed and put on leggings or yoga pants. He informed me that there is no excuse.  As the season of leggings and yoga pants is precariously upon us this was a little bit of a heart breaker.  

I shutter to think that there are people who see me in my leggings (whether its a super cute ensemble I worked hard on or not) and think that I am just lazy.  I have always viewed the way I dress as an extension of my personality and the way I feel, so to think that people might view me as lazy when I am anything but lazy is annoying.  I work very hard at everything I do, whether it is my job or school.  I do not want to portray otherwise.

This is just some food for thought ladies.  Are leggings really pants?  I know that for me the deciding factor is whether they're see through or not.  If the leggings or yoga pants are see through, then they are NOT pants. I repeat: If the leggings or yoga pants are see through, then they are NOT pants!!  I know I am going to continue to wear my leggings and my yoga pants (as they are not see through).  That won't change.  I'll think twice about the appropriateness of my ensemble choices from now on though.  Not every situation is appropriate for leggings....I'll still be wearing them to class though!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

#DianeCan -- Faux Fur is The New Blak

Few people may find it controversial, but (faux) fur will be trending this fall! 

What's going to be hott is the long- and short-haired faux fur vest. Best way to pull it off is a fitted, contrasting long sleeve top, dark skinny jeans and neutral stilettos or heeled booties. 

I have been in love with fur vests since I bought my first one two years ago and I'm ecstatic to see them back in style for the upcoming Fall/Winter ready-to-wear style. I surprisingly found one of my favorite faux fur vests at H&M (pictured on the left). Fur is The New Blak for this upcoming season. 

I'm so excited for the fur trend that I plan to buy faux fur fabric I saw at Joann Fabrics and making my own vest! 

You'll be seeing me in fur next season, and I hope to see you all in it too! 
#DianeCan and so can you!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

#AskAmandaDare -- Road Trip Essentials

Q: What should I bring on a weekend Road Trip?
A: Alright Ladies! One Last weekend away before the weather gets too bad to travel!

Here is what I would bring with me!

1. Louise my ladybug pillow pet is nĂºmero uno!
She is super comfortable and can be a great lap deal and pillow.  My husband bought her for me after he gave me the nick name "ladybug". Fun fact my mom bought a fluffy unicorn from disposable me on a trip we took together and she named her Thelma! We were Thelma and Louise on an adventure!

2. Lots of snacks!
My favorite this trip has been the Skinny Pop popcorn individual bags (100 cal each)! If you know me at all you will know about my obsession with popcorn! I had not tried this brand before but we picked them up with some Stacy's Garlic and Parmesan pita chips and blueberries. We were on a relatively healthy kick until the candy isle haha. We now have a bag of fun size kit kats and Reese's!

3. Drinks, Drinks, Drinks
We packed a cooler with drinks that we bought in packs before we left to save some cash. We brought along waters, caffeine free diet coke, and blue and purple powerade zero. We have experienced getting the one off snack here and there along your road trip route at the local gas stations and it takes a lot of time out of your day to stop every time you want a candy bar (too often for me). Not to mention most 20oz drinks over a dollar each and I got a whole12 pack of cans for around $3.00. Talk about savings! Boom!

4. Car changer and auxiliary cord for your phone.
Or if you are fancy you may have Bluetooth. My New Blak Mobile  (2010 blak Honda C-RV) that I bought a month ago doesn't have the Bluetooth capability so lucky for you guys that do it comes in handy. And for all the 4G Pandora that you will be using make sure you have a car charger so you can keep the music going! Also you may want to monitor how much of your data you have used so you don't have to pay any overages$$$$$ buzz kill for any road trip. Maybe pack CDs as well so you have a great back up. When I was in high school, the thing to do was make CD mixes that you burned on your computer. I found some of them the other day and I couldn't believe how fun they were to listen and reminisce to!

5. A fun novel to read!
My boss, Lynzy let me borrow a few things for the trip and she put Confessions of a Shopoholic in my bag. This is also in my beach essentials post because it is a fun read! I love having fashion on the brain and this book is so descriptive I fell like I am Rebecca bloom wood wearing the outfit myself. Did open my eyes to the expensive fashion world and how to make sure you are living within your means as well. Definitely a fun read and a good lesson to remember as well.

6. A comfortable outfit!
For this road trip I started out in black Charlotte Russe leggings and sandals. I added a colorful tank top and a stretch knit shirt from Piace Boutique in Bloomington. The shirt has a fun tribal pattern and bright colors; this type of top is comfortable enough to wear all day in the car and then still looks good to go to a casual dinner in! Looking put together while having the option to sleep in e car too. I finish the look off with sunglasses and a hat. The hat is from target (their style always impresses me) and was actually borrowed from Lynzy as well. She and I are going to have to barter for this hat when I get back, I am kinda in love with it against my hair color. The hat also hides any hair malfunctions you might have had while sleeping in the car too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Men Guessing the Prices of Women's Products -- Buzz Feed Repost

Have you seen this?
It is hilarious!
Check it out!

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Tuesday -- Sewing Series:How to Sew on a Button

How to Sew on a Button

Hey Newbies!! 
  Amanda Dare here to help you out!
Just a little background so you can trust me for this challenging task!
I have been a seamstress for a few years now. I used to own a boutique where I handcrafted all of the clothing in the store. I learned first how to thread a needle and sew on a button before I ever touched a sewing machine. 
I know that a lot of times none of us were taught how to sew and therefore we have to rely on expensive alterations shops to complete the work. Trust me alterations are tricky and can be done incorrectly if you do not go to the correct shop, so know your seamstress before you get any work done. However learning a few key sewing tips can really help you out in a pinch! 

Follow these simple steps:

Prep work:
1. Choose a good quality thread and measure out about 12 inches. Cut the Thread.

2. Locate the missing button or choose a new button that can be used in its place. The new button must match the others on the garment and be able to fit in the button hole. 

3. Thread your needle by putting one side on the thread into the needle head (hole at the top of the needle). Then fold over the thread to the two ends of thread can touch each other. Tie thread in a knot where the ends meet (typically I double knot the thread). Cut off excess thread. 

Ready to Sew!
4. Take the needle and push it through the back side of the garment where you would like to sew your button. Pull the thread all the way through.

5. Place the needle through the button until you have the button sitting on the garment. Make sure you are happy with your placement. Then push the needle through another one of the button's holes. Continue this process three times or more to ensure it is secure. 

6. Then you will do the same process for the other set of the button's holes. Ensure the button is secure by pushing the needle through at least three times. 

7. Once you have completed all passes through the button's holes you will end with your needle on the back side of the garment. The push the needle back through without going through the button hole to create what is called a shank. This creates space between the button and fabric so you can easily button the garment. To create the shank you simply wrap the thread in between the garment and the button at least three times. 

8. Push needle back through to backside of the garment. To "Tie Off"  you would thread your needle through the garment or thread area that you created from sewing the button. You would not pull it all the way through but instead it will create a loop. Put the needle through the loop to create the knot which ensures that your button will not unattach from your garment (I typically "tie off" twice)

9. Celebrate! You Just sewed on a button! Congrats!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 15, 2014

#AskAmandaDare --The First New Blak Wedding Anniversary

Q: Now that you have officially been married for a year, can we take a look back at your wedding?

A:  It is crazy that the time has flown by so quickly. My husband, Ryan, and I were married at 6pm on September 14, 2013. It was the most perfect weather for our wedding! Not too hot or too cold! 
This was super important because we had an outdoor wedding. We were married at Fuzzy Zoeller's Golf Course in Sellersburg, Indiana.  
It was a beautiful spot!

My Dad walked me down the isle. As I am his only daughter, I know how special a moment this was for both of us. Before I walked down I looked at my dad and we shared a moment that would be hard to describe in words. Maybe all you guys need to know is that is was filled will love. 

We are a non-traditional couple so our friend, Torrence, married us.   
I walked down the isle to "I Wanna Grow Old With You", 
from the wedding singer; sung by an amazing singer Zach Longoria.  
The song really hit Ryan hard and he couldn't hold back his happy tears!
Neither could I!

 I take you to be my best friend
 My equal partner and my one true love
 And to love you through good times and bad
 I will forever be there to laugh with you
 To lift you up when you are down
 And to love you unconditionally
 Through all of our adventures that life will bring
 I promise to mean it when I say I love you

Ring Ceremony: 

                   As I give you this ring,

                   I promise from this moment you will not walk alone,

                   Let my heart be your shelter
                   And my arms be your home.

We wrote the wedding script and added in a unique unity ceremony. We had all of our guests sign a Wedding Guest Book Quilt when they came in. Then Ryan's mother and my mother brought it up around our shoulders. This gesture was a physical way for all of our friends and family to be surrounding us at one time. It shows that every person who sign our quit approved and supported out marriage.

We had the best wedding party a couple could ask for! 
All of our best friends and family surrounded us with love and support.
Bridesmaids: Alicia, Whitney, Lauren, Amanda, and Samara.
Groomsmen: Kyle, Sam, Jason, Brian, Ben.

Our wedding favors were sunglasses and popcorn. 
                                We had a cake with red velvet, banana, and white flavored cake!
                                     As an added dessert option we featured a s'more bar as well!

 Then we partied the night away with all of our favorite people! 

                                                             Happy Anniversary Ryan!