Monday, September 29, 2014

#AskAmandaDare -- Becoming Comfortable with Wearing Accessories

Q: Help! I need to figure out how to look good with my accessories!
A: A lot of my friends are not used to wearing as many accessories as I am. I have a lot of people compliment my outfit and then compliment individual accessories. When styling I am a major fan of accessories! A lot of girls ask me how did I start wearing accessories to eventually feel as comfortable as I do now. Most of the complaints that I hear are that they are heavy, move around too much, are too much to think about when getting ready. Well ladies here are my tips for getting used to accessories.

First of all, you have to be open to trying new things. Step out of the box!

Maybe start by wearing a necklace with a dress to dinner or a wedding. Somewhere that won't make you feel out of place wearing a necklace at the start.
Beginner Formal Necklaces

Then start once or twice a week wearing smaller accessories and get used to the act of putting them on as a finishing piece to your wardrobe.

Then I would slowly choose a heavier or bigger necklace to begin wearing. Necklace are easier to spot and therefore you will receive more compliments which will build your confidence.

After you feel comfortable and confident from all the compliments you have received, I would add an extra piece. Working retail I always need a watch. So I purchased a bigger gold watch that I can wear with almost anything. This is a good staple to have as part of your wardrobe.

Another easy add on is a stud earring. Consider a diamond or simple yet shiny piece which with bring more attention to your face as it catches the light.

Accessory Add-Ons

I also bring along my accessories in my purse. Most of us are carrying around massive bags anyway. Add in a smaller bag of good staples of jewelry. That way if you have forgotten them while you are out you can put them on anywhere. No joke, I was checking out at a store recently and as she rung up my purchase I put on a necklace and watch that I didn't have time to earlier in the day. I made a joke of it and the cashier told me that she loved the idea and was going to starting carrying extra pieces around with her as well. You never know when you may be inspiring a new idea for someone else.

I hope this helps all the ladies that want to dive a little deeper into the fashion world!

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