Monday, September 15, 2014

#AskAmandaDare --The First New Blak Wedding Anniversary

Q: Now that you have officially been married for a year, can we take a look back at your wedding?

A:  It is crazy that the time has flown by so quickly. My husband, Ryan, and I were married at 6pm on September 14, 2013. It was the most perfect weather for our wedding! Not too hot or too cold! 
This was super important because we had an outdoor wedding. We were married at Fuzzy Zoeller's Golf Course in Sellersburg, Indiana.  
It was a beautiful spot!

My Dad walked me down the isle. As I am his only daughter, I know how special a moment this was for both of us. Before I walked down I looked at my dad and we shared a moment that would be hard to describe in words. Maybe all you guys need to know is that is was filled will love. 

We are a non-traditional couple so our friend, Torrence, married us.   
I walked down the isle to "I Wanna Grow Old With You", 
from the wedding singer; sung by an amazing singer Zach Longoria.  
The song really hit Ryan hard and he couldn't hold back his happy tears!
Neither could I!

 I take you to be my best friend
 My equal partner and my one true love
 And to love you through good times and bad
 I will forever be there to laugh with you
 To lift you up when you are down
 And to love you unconditionally
 Through all of our adventures that life will bring
 I promise to mean it when I say I love you

Ring Ceremony: 

                   As I give you this ring,

                   I promise from this moment you will not walk alone,

                   Let my heart be your shelter
                   And my arms be your home.

We wrote the wedding script and added in a unique unity ceremony. We had all of our guests sign a Wedding Guest Book Quilt when they came in. Then Ryan's mother and my mother brought it up around our shoulders. This gesture was a physical way for all of our friends and family to be surrounding us at one time. It shows that every person who sign our quit approved and supported out marriage.

We had the best wedding party a couple could ask for! 
All of our best friends and family surrounded us with love and support.
Bridesmaids: Alicia, Whitney, Lauren, Amanda, and Samara.
Groomsmen: Kyle, Sam, Jason, Brian, Ben.

Our wedding favors were sunglasses and popcorn. 
                                We had a cake with red velvet, banana, and white flavored cake!
                                     As an added dessert option we featured a s'more bar as well!

 Then we partied the night away with all of our favorite people! 

                                                             Happy Anniversary Ryan!

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