Saturday, September 20, 2014

#AskAmandaDare -- Road Trip Essentials

Q: What should I bring on a weekend Road Trip?
A: Alright Ladies! One Last weekend away before the weather gets too bad to travel!

Here is what I would bring with me!

1. Louise my ladybug pillow pet is nĂºmero uno!
She is super comfortable and can be a great lap deal and pillow.  My husband bought her for me after he gave me the nick name "ladybug". Fun fact my mom bought a fluffy unicorn from disposable me on a trip we took together and she named her Thelma! We were Thelma and Louise on an adventure!

2. Lots of snacks!
My favorite this trip has been the Skinny Pop popcorn individual bags (100 cal each)! If you know me at all you will know about my obsession with popcorn! I had not tried this brand before but we picked them up with some Stacy's Garlic and Parmesan pita chips and blueberries. We were on a relatively healthy kick until the candy isle haha. We now have a bag of fun size kit kats and Reese's!

3. Drinks, Drinks, Drinks
We packed a cooler with drinks that we bought in packs before we left to save some cash. We brought along waters, caffeine free diet coke, and blue and purple powerade zero. We have experienced getting the one off snack here and there along your road trip route at the local gas stations and it takes a lot of time out of your day to stop every time you want a candy bar (too often for me). Not to mention most 20oz drinks over a dollar each and I got a whole12 pack of cans for around $3.00. Talk about savings! Boom!

4. Car changer and auxiliary cord for your phone.
Or if you are fancy you may have Bluetooth. My New Blak Mobile  (2010 blak Honda C-RV) that I bought a month ago doesn't have the Bluetooth capability so lucky for you guys that do it comes in handy. And for all the 4G Pandora that you will be using make sure you have a car charger so you can keep the music going! Also you may want to monitor how much of your data you have used so you don't have to pay any overages$$$$$ buzz kill for any road trip. Maybe pack CDs as well so you have a great back up. When I was in high school, the thing to do was make CD mixes that you burned on your computer. I found some of them the other day and I couldn't believe how fun they were to listen and reminisce to!

5. A fun novel to read!
My boss, Lynzy let me borrow a few things for the trip and she put Confessions of a Shopoholic in my bag. This is also in my beach essentials post because it is a fun read! I love having fashion on the brain and this book is so descriptive I fell like I am Rebecca bloom wood wearing the outfit myself. Did open my eyes to the expensive fashion world and how to make sure you are living within your means as well. Definitely a fun read and a good lesson to remember as well.

6. A comfortable outfit!
For this road trip I started out in black Charlotte Russe leggings and sandals. I added a colorful tank top and a stretch knit shirt from Piace Boutique in Bloomington. The shirt has a fun tribal pattern and bright colors; this type of top is comfortable enough to wear all day in the car and then still looks good to go to a casual dinner in! Looking put together while having the option to sleep in e car too. I finish the look off with sunglasses and a hat. The hat is from target (their style always impresses me) and was actually borrowed from Lynzy as well. She and I are going to have to barter for this hat when I get back, I am kinda in love with it against my hair color. The hat also hides any hair malfunctions you might have had while sleeping in the car too.

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