Thursday, September 11, 2014

#BreeBaresAll -- Tips for Going Out with Your Girlfriends

Hello again!! This week I want to talk about going out, whether it's to bars or to house parties.  Everyone likes to go out and have a good time (yes, even those under 21.)  The best part about going out with your friends is everyone making it home safely and being able to do it all over again.  Obviously apart of getting home safely is using common sense and being smart. So here are a few tips that me and my friends generally use when we go out.

1. Go out with people that you know and trust.  It's nice to go out and make new friends, but always go out with at least one person you know and trust.  If you go out with one of your good friends there will always be someone to watch you back.

2. Don't go anywhere alone.  I've tried to explain why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs to my guy friends multiple times and they just don't get it.  Yes, it is nice to have company on your way to and from the bathroom, but it is also a safety thing.

3. Be aware of your surroundings.  That doesn't mean glance around, determine everything is fine, and then go about your merry way.  It also doesn't mean be paranoid all the time to the point that you can't have fun.  Just as an example: I was at the bar with my roomies and saw a couple over in the corner.  The guy seemed to be very upset and acting aggressive towards his girlfriend.  I honestly thought that he was playing around.  That is until he moved and I saw the girls face.  She was crying and looked terrified.  Luckily I wasn't the only one that saw this and another girl had her boyfriend step in.  The guy was kicked out of the bar and the girl was okay.  So yes, take note of the guy that seems a little creepy at the bar, but also watch out for anything else that might be off.

4.  The last piece of advice that I have is watch your drinks.  Common sense ladies!!  Don't set your drinks down and then go back to them.  Don't take drinks from someone you don't know, especially if you didn't see it made.  Trust your instincts and your gut.  If something is telling you that the guy hitting on you and trying to buy you a drink is creepy, he probably is.

So ladies, be safe and have fun!!  Go out with your friends and enjoy yourselves, but make sure that everyone gets home safe.  Be smart ladies and look out for each other!!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

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