Monday, September 22, 2014

#DianeCan -- Faux Fur is The New Blak

Few people may find it controversial, but (faux) fur will be trending this fall! 

What's going to be hott is the long- and short-haired faux fur vest. Best way to pull it off is a fitted, contrasting long sleeve top, dark skinny jeans and neutral stilettos or heeled booties. 

I have been in love with fur vests since I bought my first one two years ago and I'm ecstatic to see them back in style for the upcoming Fall/Winter ready-to-wear style. I surprisingly found one of my favorite faux fur vests at H&M (pictured on the left). Fur is The New Blak for this upcoming season. 

I'm so excited for the fur trend that I plan to buy faux fur fabric I saw at Joann Fabrics and making my own vest! 

You'll be seeing me in fur next season, and I hope to see you all in it too! 
#DianeCan and so can you!!!

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