Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Tuesday -- Sewing Series:How to Sew on a Button

How to Sew on a Button

Hey Newbies!! 
  Amanda Dare here to help you out!
Just a little background so you can trust me for this challenging task!
I have been a seamstress for a few years now. I used to own a boutique where I handcrafted all of the clothing in the store. I learned first how to thread a needle and sew on a button before I ever touched a sewing machine. 
I know that a lot of times none of us were taught how to sew and therefore we have to rely on expensive alterations shops to complete the work. Trust me alterations are tricky and can be done incorrectly if you do not go to the correct shop, so know your seamstress before you get any work done. However learning a few key sewing tips can really help you out in a pinch! 

Follow these simple steps:

Prep work:
1. Choose a good quality thread and measure out about 12 inches. Cut the Thread.

2. Locate the missing button or choose a new button that can be used in its place. The new button must match the others on the garment and be able to fit in the button hole. 

3. Thread your needle by putting one side on the thread into the needle head (hole at the top of the needle). Then fold over the thread to the two ends of thread can touch each other. Tie thread in a knot where the ends meet (typically I double knot the thread). Cut off excess thread. 

Ready to Sew!
4. Take the needle and push it through the back side of the garment where you would like to sew your button. Pull the thread all the way through.

5. Place the needle through the button until you have the button sitting on the garment. Make sure you are happy with your placement. Then push the needle through another one of the button's holes. Continue this process three times or more to ensure it is secure. 

6. Then you will do the same process for the other set of the button's holes. Ensure the button is secure by pushing the needle through at least three times. 

7. Once you have completed all passes through the button's holes you will end with your needle on the back side of the garment. The push the needle back through without going through the button hole to create what is called a shank. This creates space between the button and fabric so you can easily button the garment. To create the shank you simply wrap the thread in between the garment and the button at least three times. 

8. Push needle back through to backside of the garment. To "Tie Off"  you would thread your needle through the garment or thread area that you created from sewing the button. You would not pull it all the way through but instead it will create a loop. Put the needle through the loop to create the knot which ensures that your button will not unattach from your garment (I typically "tie off" twice)

9. Celebrate! You Just sewed on a button! Congrats!

Happy Sewing!

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