Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leggings: Pants or Not?

Alright so after having a conversation with one of my guy friends I am utterly stunned.  Apparently not all guys like yoga pants and leggings.  My friend actually said that when he sees a girl wearing yoga pants or leggings, he thinks they're just lazy.  I tried explaining to him that its really easy to just roll out of bed and put on leggings or yoga pants. He informed me that there is no excuse.  As the season of leggings and yoga pants is precariously upon us this was a little bit of a heart breaker.  

I shutter to think that there are people who see me in my leggings (whether its a super cute ensemble I worked hard on or not) and think that I am just lazy.  I have always viewed the way I dress as an extension of my personality and the way I feel, so to think that people might view me as lazy when I am anything but lazy is annoying.  I work very hard at everything I do, whether it is my job or school.  I do not want to portray otherwise.

This is just some food for thought ladies.  Are leggings really pants?  I know that for me the deciding factor is whether they're see through or not.  If the leggings or yoga pants are see through, then they are NOT pants. I repeat: If the leggings or yoga pants are see through, then they are NOT pants!!  I know I am going to continue to wear my leggings and my yoga pants (as they are not see through).  That won't change.  I'll think twice about the appropriateness of my ensemble choices from now on though.  Not every situation is appropriate for leggings....I'll still be wearing them to class though!!

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