Saturday, September 27, 2014

Same Outfit, Different Girl -- Plaid Shirt

Same Outfit, Different Girl 

The Plaid Shirt

A lot of people think that if a clothing item looks good on one body type then it cannot look good on another body type. Well we are here to prove that it is  not true.

Danyell is here sporting her favorite Plaid Shirt that she has had for years!
She chose to pair it with a simple pendant necklace and cut off shorts. 

Now to put the theory to the test! Will they both look good in this fabulous shirt?
We think so!

In the photo below we have Amanda showing off the same Plaid Shirt.
She decided a pair of dark denim and a tall boot were fer favs to add to the look.

Both girls styled this top how they might wear it in real life. The graphic tee is always a good addition to a plaid shirt. Just wear it open so you can still see the graphic underneath. 
See both ladies look great in the same top even though they have different body types!

More Same Outfit, Different Girl coming soon!

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