Monday, October 6, 2014

#DanyellsDownload -- The Hunt

Welcome back, it's been awhile! If you need a refresher on what #DanyellsDownload is all about then click here.
This past month I've stumbled upon something amazing. It's an app that helps you find exactly what you want! It's called THE HUNT.

Have you ever sen an image online and just thought, "OMG I need that skirt she's wearing!" Well now, when you run into this issue you have a resource just for that. The Hunt allows you to post things you are looking for. Then members of this awesome community will post links if they recognize where that item is from. It's that simple! Let others find stuff for you when you don't know where it's from.

I love this app because not only can I find what I'm looking for, I am also given shopping details and prices! It seriously couldn't get any easier. Also, if I am scrolling through the apps news feed and recognize something I know--I can help another girly out who is on the hunt just like me.

This app has come in so handy, and I absolutely love helping other girls out on their hunt, too! Feel free to follow me and help me find everything I've been looking for : @dnbailey94.

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