Monday, November 3, 2014

#DanyellsDownload-- the Closet+ app

Welcome back to another installment of #DanyellsDownload where I talk about the cool techy things that you need to make your life more healthy, beautiful, and all around great. If you need a refresher on what these posts are about then click here.

If you missed last months post about The Hunt app then you're really missing out. Take a moment and go read it now >>>

Today I am going to be discussing the third app in my 'must have' series, and this one's all about FASHION! If you've been an attentive reader for awhile at The New Blak you will have noticed that us girls realllllyyyy love our fashion. Why not make picking the best super cute outfit just a little more easy... and this app can help.

Closet+ is an amazing app that stores your entire closet online. Take a moment and enter in some clothes, add some super helpful images, and then plan plan plan. I love that you can schedule out your outfits for an entire month if you wanted to! This app is definitely handy.

This app is a perfect companion for someone who is planning to travel as well. Log a suitcase full of your clothes into the app and never have to wonder what you'll wear during your week of vaca again. Closet+ also lets you add different closets like one for summer, fall, and winter--that way you never need to keep your sweaters with your tanks, but at any time you can still know exactly what you have in your plethora of amazing articles.

I can think of a million more reasons why everyone needs this app. Its packed full of so many amazing features that you will always be reaching to open the app on your phone before you even open your closet doors. To read more please check out their site!

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