Saturday, November 29, 2014

Same Outfit -- Different Girl

Same Outfit -- Different Girl

Have you ever wondered if a friends outfit would look as good on you as it does on them?? We did!

We decided to experiment and see what the same outfit looked like on different girls!
 We love the results we have gotten so far...

Here are Amanda and Diane sporting the same outfit with minor differences. 
Amanda (left) decided to show off a more informal way to wear the outfit with a long necklace and tall boots. 
Diane (right) loved wearing the dress to a formal event with her favorite nude heels.

Next time you are curious about the outfit all you have to do is try it out! We would love to see your version of Same Outfit, Different girl on social media! Post them up with our #thenewblak or tag us @thenewblakblog! We would love to repost the images on the blog and on our social media!

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