Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It’s crazy, right? Blog post numero uno is already here. When The New Blak asked me to be a guest contributor, they gave me complete freedom to style whatever I want, write whatever I want and be photographed however I wanted – so, as a typical college senior, I took the freedom and ran with it!

As the sneak peak suggested, we’re getting feminine! Peach and baby pink is making a comeback in a big way (thanks Kim K) even though it can be tough to style. Lets jump this hurdle, shall we?

This week, I have styled three different look to go with my furry H&M peach pink jacket that my family lovingly calls ‘a poodle coat.’

Look 1 | Sunday Brunch:

Nothing says, “I’m ready for my mimosas” like a white dress or white pants. Soften up your look for Sunday mornings with white skinny pants, like mine from Zara and a basic white tee (mine is from H&M). If the weather is exceptionally nice (not for much longer here in Bloomington), you can check out these white dresses from Modcloth ( and a.drea ( Pair it with a bright pair of earrings and shoes and you’re ready!

Look 2 | Hello Romantic Dinner:

Valentine’s day is coming up and if you’re allergic to bright pink (like myself), try this look. Add some softness to your favorite black dress. I love the weird length of this Zara black dress because it allows me to truly show off the shoes + it’ll keep your legs warmer. To pull the look together, pair it with bright or neutral shoes and a statement necklace. The jacket will add a soft and romantic touch to your favorite LBD.

Look 3 | Dance Like No one’s Watching

Rocker chic is THE go-to for Thursday and Saturday night, since you’re stylish, warm, and no one dares to mess with you. Finally, I got over my preconceived fears and bought me a biker chic pair of leather pants from Zara. I paired it with a simple tank from Topshop and my new favorite Steve Madden booties. You can add a long necklace that will flow well with the silver hardware on the pants! Pairing the look with a black jacket would have made it super-tough and dark, so the softness of the peach pink jacket is a welcomed relief. The jacket is light enough to freely dance on the dance floor, yet keep you warm as you shuffle from bar to bar.

Don’t be scared to rock your sweaters and jackets in new ways. Take it up as a challenge, CHICSTER. Every time you try it in a new way, you’ll fall in love with it a little more (like Chipotle, right?).

See you back here in a week, readers. Once again, thank you to the fab ladies at The New Blak for making feel like a part of the family already.

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 Shona Sinha,
 Co-Founder and Creative Director

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wow, this is a special moment! Like in most first encounter situations; let’s start off by getting to know each other. I have a few questions for you to think and contemplate about…

Except for track pants and black tights, what is the most treasured piece in your closet? 

It’s taking a while, right?

There are one two many of us on this boat, so how about we change that? 

Take a guess, how many pieces in your closet have been just once or twice? 

You still love them and can’t bear the thought of parting with them, so why not rock them more often? 

Why go out and buy more pieces that the world is going to see just once?

Take a breather! I realize that that was a long series of questions. Worry you not, we’re here. As we gear up for CHICSHA’s launch in a few days, I am stoked to be writing in collaboration with The New Blak to show you multiple ways of rocking those unique pieces in your closet. CHICSHA is all about loving fashion in new ways and I couldn’t be more excited to be a guest contributor for The New Blak blog. I am excited to work with all these fab ladies for our launch event on February 5th and more exciting collaborations. Prepare your closets for the first post in a few days!

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  Shona Sinha
 Co-Founder and Creative Director