Saturday, April 11, 2015

Boxed Water

 Boxed Water?? What??
 This is what I thought you might say. So Let's Check them out....

The Boxed Water container is far more sustainable than plastic bottled water. About 76% of the box is from a renewable resource, trees.

The trees used to make our box come from certified, well managed forests. These forests remain healthy and stable through ongoing replanting while removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our boxes are recyclable. The Carton Council is continuously adding new carton recycling facilities throughout the US. Please visit their site to learn more.

We ship our boxes flat to our filler which is significantly more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic or glass bottles to be filled.

We've partnered with 1% For The Planet to help with world water relief, reforestation, and environmental protection projects to help enable a positive impact on humanitarian and environmental efforts. Learn more here

Not to mention...

So post away like we did for this sustainable new product!

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