Thursday, April 9, 2015


… And we are BACK! After taking a bit of hiatus to develop and revise our website, we are back. The New Blak has completely transformed itself and we couldn’t be prouder. We are excited to see the all the amazing fashion pieces come to life and transform our closets.

As we already know, The New Blak merchandise is pretty RAD! This week we will be exploring all the ways we can style the #TheNewBlak and #WednesdayWeWearBlak pieces.

Look 1 | Rock ‘n Roll

Nothing says Rock ‘n Roll like leather. Leather skirts have been quite popular for the past year and are perfect for concerts. Since the weather is still chilly, its great idea to pair it with a quotable pullover (like this one from The New Blak) and high socks. Especially for outdoor concerts, you can take the love for black one step further by pairing it with a beanie (this way you can skip washing your hair too – always a plus!).

Look 2 | Cuhmon, let’s be serious for a bit

Gone are the days when business outfits were boring. While being formal is critical, you can always allow your personality to shine through. For outfit numero 2, I decided to pair The New Blak logo shirt with my bright blue J. Crew pencil skirt. I decided to knot the top to add some definition to my waist. Pair it with a blazer and you’re ready to go. While you’ll look formal, you’ll, also, look genuine and stylish.

Look 3 | Rihanna, watch your back

The trend of jean-on-jean always garners a lot of options. There are a lot of ways to do it right and wrong – time for experimenting! We decided to pair a dark chambray with a light pair of torn boyfriend jeans. We added gold chains and immediately felt like I was a female hip-hop artist back in 90s. We decided to tie The New Blak sweatshirt around our waist to give it a more casual Rihanna-esque feel. To make the look more formal and preppy, we wore the pullover over our collared shirt. Both the looks have a completely different feel but have the exact same pieces – how crazy is that!

 Photographed and Styled by Jennie Zhu.

I know you are obsessed with these cool shirts and sweatshirts as much as we are and that’s why we decided to do this post. CHICSHA is all about finding your fashion + style identity in new ways.

Check out how to purchase these shirts at

See you back here in a week, readers. Once again, thank you to the fab ladies at The New Blak for making feel like a part of the family already.

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xx Shona

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