Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Circle Economy

The New Blak has taken a stand against the traditional, wasteful fashion industry standards. We are always going to strive to take the steps necessary to creating a better future for our planet and for the future generations. Our mission is to be a company where people, the planet, and fashion can coexist without sacrificing one for another. 

We are constantly researching and discovering more like minded people and companies that have similar mindset and values as us. This is always exciting to read about and learn from others who have made strides to creating a more eco-friendly alternatives.

We found out about Circle Economy and wanted to share their mission.

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop 

We do not really have any choice. It is time to use our collective intelligence to redesign our way of working with nature as inspiration since it is, in itself, a perfect ‘circle economy'.
Robert-Jan van Ogtrop 
Founder of Circle Economy




The best way to explain what a circular economy is, is to compare it to our current linear economy. In our current economic system, we extract resources from our planet at an ever-increasing pace, and turn them into a product that we mostly dispose after use. From the perspective of an individual or organization, that seems efficient. However, zooming out to a global level shows how unsustainable this approach is.

In order for those same individuals and organizations to thrive, we need an economic system that operates within our planetary boundaries. The circular economy concept decouples growth and prosperity from the use of natural resources and ecosystems. By feeding products, components, untapped resources and materials are back into the appropriate value chains, we can create a healthy economy that is inspired by and in balance with nature.


Circular economy is all about closing resource loops, mimicking natural ecosystems in the way we organize our society and businesses. But we shouldn’t be closing loops just for the sake of it. We also have to take into account the social and ecological impact of our actions, and use renewable energy to make the transition towards a circular economy happen. Therefore, we defined six principles for a successful circular economy that are depicted below.

The New Blak supports all of the ideals of the Circle Economy!
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  1. Therefore, we defined six principles for a successful circular economy that are depicted