Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Revolution Day -- Who Made My clothes

Join the Revolution. 
Listed above are the easy ways you can challenge the industry! 
Tag the company you are wearing in a photo and ask them #whomademyclothes!
Below are some amazing examples of the Fashion Revolution!

One of the ma goals of our company is to be as transparent as possible! 
We want our customers to know that we are taking the steps possible to making the best decisions for people, the planet, and fashion to COEXIST without sacrificing one for another. 
Keeping transparency in mind we would love to show you the team making our brand! 
Drum Roll Please.......(duh,duh,duh,duh, etc drum roll noises)
We would like to introduce Kathryn and her team at Good Clothing Company...
 they made your clothes!
We are excited to be moving forward with such an amazing woman-owned American business that provides ethical practices and wages to its employees. 
They are based out of Mashpee, Massachusetts. All of the construction of our The New Little Blak Dress line will be sewn by her team!

Hey Kathryn! We love you!

Here is an excerpt from Kathryn's blog!

As we approach the anniversary of the tragic loss of life during the collapse of the Rana Plaza on April 24, 2013, I feel a professional responsibility and moral obligation to memorialize the underpaid and undervalued men, women and children who lost their lives that day.  Earning a meager wage, they worked in unsafe conditions, attempting to fulfill the mass consumers' need and desire for cheap clothing.  Fast fashion has not only resulted in the direct loss of life, the exploitation of men, women and children, but it has also cost many other professional tradespeople their source of income.
It's tragic to me that so many place more value on an object than on a human life.  I promise you, that $5 t-shirt had a much higher price tag to the poor soul making it.
There is a way to change this, though!  And we—each and every one of us—have a say and the power to affect change by voting with our dollars and by simply demanding transparency from manufacturers. 

Fashion Revolution Day asks the question, "Who made your clothes?" 
Fashion Revolution Day rallies fashionistas, designers, farmers, producers, brands, manufacturers, press, academics and everyone in between as a community and as a movement for change and transparency in the industry.  I am extremely honored to be on the Brands Team here in the USA, and look forward to the very first Fashion Revolution Day. 

We have created a dress in support of Fashion Revolution Day USA and as a tribute to the hundreds of thousands who have been enslaved, mistreated, underpaid, undervalued or lost their lives to provide fast fashion to consumers.  Made from recycled/recyclable plastic, our Transparency Dress is our statement that we vote with our dollars and that our practices, sourcing and methods are ethical.  It is also a call to all other designers and manufacturers in the fashion industry to show their methods of production as being ethical, and if they are not, to change.
 This dress will also represent the month of April - Earth Month - and so will serve dual duty as a reminder to everyone that recycling is an important contribution to the wellness of our earth. Each and every one of us has not only the ability to engage in, but the responsibility to adopt recycling as a daily practice and to teach that practice to our children.

Together, one small act of goodness at a time, we CAN make this world a better place.  

Take this step towards a better fashion future with us!

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  1. The wellness of our earth. Each and every one of us has not only the ability to engage in, but the responsibility to adopt recycling

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on our commitment to the wellness of our Earth and the importance of adopting recycling practices. We couldn't agree more with the responsibility each of us has in making small acts of goodness to contribute to a better world.