Saturday, April 23, 2016

#Haulternative -- Broken and Beautiful!

broken & beautiful
Just like you never stopped loving your teddy when he lost
an eye or arm, there are certain items of clothing which
we continue to love, maybe even more, when they are no
longer perfect; a pair of jeans that are almost worn through
but are so soft and fit so perfectly still, a favourite jumper
that’s fraying at the sleeves.
Share the story about an item of clothing that you’ve
worn in to the point that others may see it as damaged or
broken, but that you love and will cherish forever.
In your wardrobe.
More Info:
There are those boots in your closet that you just cannot get rid of...
They have been worn to hell and back but they will never leave your grasp!
Tell The World About "Those Boots" in a fab Haulternative Video Post!

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