Monday, July 11, 2016

#GirlCrush -- Quinley

This week we are featuring one of our favorite jewelry designers!

Sincerely Quinley
What are your three favorite eco-friendly products?
My reusable water bottles, Beautycounter products, JRWatkins multi surface cleaner 
What is one way that our audience can take the first step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle? 
Adding things in little by little is a great way to move toward an eco-friendly way. It is overwhelming sometimes to think of what we put in our body, on our body, and in our home. Start small but gradually add in organic foods (it's easy!) and eco friendly products that help the environment and you! 

Can you tell us how you got started in your blog?

My blog started as a way to express myself through clothing and fashion. I have always loved helping others find their personal style and in the past when I worked retail I found out people care where things are from, they want to know. It is fun sharing how to find cute clothes on a budget and when to splurge on styles you'll love forever. 

What is the best piece of business/blogging advice you ever received? 

Consistency is key! I'm learning that now. With my jewelry business I'm adamant about posting product but with blogging I can go weeks without posting and not think twice. I am striving to be more consistent with my posting. 

What advice would you give to a new blogger? 

Write about what you like not what you think others like. Readers want to engage and learn something. Help them fix a problem or show them a new way of doing things. Don't try to be like everyone else. 

Porter Dress

 Emma Dress 


Welcome to our GIRL GANG, Quinley!