about amanda

My full name is Amanda Dare Dougherty! I am the mom/grown-up of the New Blak Ladies; also the Owner, Founder, and Creative Director of The New Blak and CUTRIGHTclothing. I got married on September 14, 2013 to Mr.#AmandaDare you will learn to love and know him as Ryan Dougherty! Definitely marry your best friend ladies! I have two adorable children... OOPS I meant cats (well... they are like kids to me). Thank god for my husband or else I would be a crazy cat lady!

I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2012! I studied Theater (Costuming) and American Sign Language Interpreting in college. I still use ASL sometimes even though I have not chosen to become a Certified ASL Interpreter.  I have a varied background, but my proudest achievement was starting a company when I was 20 years old,The Hanger.  It was an ALL handmade clothing and accessory store; that at it's peak was located off of Bardstown Road in Louisville, KY.  It was too demanding for me to be sewing all night and working the retail side of the store all day; so I decided to close it in July 2013.

I miss it all the time but knew I could not go back to the same sewing business and that I needed a great team. The days of working alone are over! I decided to start The New Blak in 2014! I gathered a bunch of talented and beautiful women to contribute to the YouTube Channel and Blog! I am a serial entrepreneur for sure. I mean my favorite word is HUSTLE.  Who knows how far I can take this wonderful creative outlet... we will just have to wait and see!

WELLLLL, Hello World!
I wrote the above post close to TWO years ago! I made minor changes but my life is still just as awesome! I now own TWO companies in Louisville, KY- The New Blak and CUTRIGHTclothing. Check it out!

I also write the column #AskAmandaDare on this blog!
 I love that I get to share all of my tips and tricks with you.
 Feel free to ask me questions all of the time by emailing the NewBlakBlog@gmail.com, commenting, or reaching out to us with the on any of our social media outlets.

As always, I love you all! 
Stay beautiful, fashionable, and sassy! 
Never lose your sparkle!